Badge: Seuss Art


Create or inspire others to create art based on Dr. Seuss.     Steps   1. Get inspired. Look through the Seuss books or online to start your inspirational journey. Make notes on the colors, design elements and more that you can incorporate into your art / craft projects. Bookmark any sites you want to […]

Badge: Build My Legacy


You may think your story is unimportant. However, how many times have your kids asked what the world was like when you grew up? They love to hear stories of you and themselves. By documenting your own story, not only can others experience your stories, they can see how you interact with your world. NOTE: […]

Badge: Zendoodle

Badge: Zentangle

Do you doodle? Zendoodle involves creating doodled patterns in predefined areas. It is an easy technique done in black and white. Anyone who can doodle can do this craft technique. .   Steps   1. Reduce stress. You’ll notice that both references use the word “zen.” The act of creating repeating patterns is relaxing and […]

Badge: Rubber Stamp Basics

Badge: Rubber Stamp Basics

Rubber stamping is a craft kids of any age can do successfully. You can start without spending a lot of money. Various stamping techniques allow you to continue improving your skills and expanding your knowledge. Specific techniques will be explored in additional badge programs. Your number one concern when crafting is your tools. We’ll focus […]

Badge: Photo Crafts

Badge: Photo Crafts

Digital cameras open up an entire area of crafts to people of all ages. When photos are included in your crafts, they become more personal and a reflection of you. Try traditional crafts with your photos as well as digital ones. This badge program features supplemental PDF files to help with ideas and more. Do […]

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