New Supplements Available Now!

I have started uploading the new supplements for Girl Scout Traditions. You can find all of our Girl Scout supplements here. Printables: World Games has also had supplements added. The badge program is coming out next month. I like to print the world games out and give them to teachers as a gift. The time […]

Move Nearly Complete

All of the badge programs have been moved here from Blogger. So, I will be spending the weekend checking links and making sure everything works. Afterwards, I’ll start uploading additional supplements for Girl Scout Traditions and Printables: Girl Scouts. Watch for new badges coming soon! Like this:Like Loading…

Badge: Science Spangler-Style


Steve Spangler is a teacher, entertainer and toy designer. He has been featured on television shows and is most known for his Menthos Geyser Experiment. His varied career is more about entertaining with science.     Steps   1. Spangler who? Find out about Steve Spangler. From television to education to commercial activities, Spangler has […]

Badge: Science Krampf-Style


Robert Krampf is the “Happy Scientist.” He has taught science, done a science road show and been on the Web for a very long time. His goal is to make science fun for kids.     Steps   1. Krampf who? Find out about Robert Krampf. What kind(s) of science does he do? How did […]

Badge: DNR – Project Learning Tree


Project Learning Tree (PLT) is an environmental education program for kids from preschool through grade 12. It is from the American Forest Foundation.     Steps   1. Project Learning Tree (PLT). Project Learning Tree is designed to get kids outside. The purpose is to teach kids HOW to think about the environment. Explore […]

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