Badge: Digital Activity Box


When you think of an activity box, your mind automatically goes to a box with materials to learn or explore a subject. So how can this be done digitally?     Steps   1. Why digital “activity boxes”? The world is going digital. Taking your activity boxes to a digital level means you can have […]

Badge: Activity Box


An activity box contains the materials and tools to complete one or more activities. These activities can be centered around earning a badge, workshop, themed event or even where it will be used. Let’s examine activity boxes.     Steps   1. Standards. Creating an activity box may have a fixed set of criteria or […]

Badge: Christmas – My Traditions


Select and maintain traditions with your family to help create your own unique celebration. Be sure to include your entire family in your traditions. I’ve included my family traditions as examples.     Steps   1. My traditions. What traditions do you typically do every year for Christmas? What traditions have you dropped? Think back […]

Badge: Christmas Activities


You’ll notice that often the activities that surround Christmas occur every year. Let’s examine different activities and possibly find a few you can use or adapt for your own fun.     Steps   1. Caroling. Caroling can be done in one location, such as a shopping center or nursing home, or by people moving […]

Badge: Christmas Crafts


Many Christmas crafts are making or decorating the symbols and shapes of the holiday. These same things can be used for decoration or inspiration.     Steps   1. Shapes and symbols. The shapes and symbols of Christmas are numerous. Use these in your crafting to change a normal craft into a Christmas craft. Some […]

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