Badge: S’Mores Fun


Sometimes you don’t have a fire. Sometimes you have someone who can’t eat chocolate. Be hungry before you start this badge program — there will be a lot of taste testing.     Steps   1. National S’Mores Day. You can celebrate this holiday on August 10th in the United States. As you work through […]

Badge: Stick Cooking


From the right stick to the right combination of flavors, stick cooking brings together a variety of choices for each palate.     Steps   Keep it cool 1. Fruits and vegetables. Your “cooking” can be as simple as chopping fruit or vegetables and put the pieces on a stick. Cookie cutters can allow you […]

Badge: Labor Day


Labor Day celebrates the contributions of workers in the United States. It is also celebrated in Canada on the same day.   Steps 1. Labor Day. Labor Day is a floating holiday. It occurs on the first Monday in September. Not only are government offices closed, many businesses are as well. Find out more about […]

Badge: Women’s Equality Day


While the claim is that women are treated equally, worldwide we are still treated as second class citizens. Let’s explore how equal women truly are.   Steps Rights in the United States 1. Women’s Equality Day. This holiday commemorates the heroes of the longest civil rights fight in United States history, a woman’s right to […]

Badge: Handmade Stamps


You can make a handmade (physical) stamp to use as a rubber stamp with a variety of materials. Their usage completely depends on the materials from which they are made.   Steps Considerations  1. Ink and paint. Depending on the porous nature of your stamps, some may require paint or ink to be effective. Both […]