Badge: Explore Ebooks


Publishing is moving to the electronic age. More and more books are available electronically. Not only does this save you money, it is more convenient as long as you are comfortable with your electronic devices. Your first step into the world of ebooks is to explore what is out there.     Steps   1. […]

Harry Potter #8

I was having a long discussion with my friend, Moriah, about the first seven Harry Potter badges. The first seven were designed to have parts used during a day camp event. Moriah was looking at it from a costumer’s viewpoint. She is an excellent seamstress who makes outfits and accessories for AMTGARD events. For day […]

Badge: Harry Potter – Christmas at Hogwarts

Badge: Harry Potter - Christmas

The other Harry Potter badges have steps to provide you with material for day camp, afternoon camps and other non-holiday activities. Some of those activities can be adjusted slightly and used with a Christmas theme. This badge program focuses on the happenings in the Harry Potter world during Christmas.     Steps Event possibilities 1. […]

Badge: Digital Natives

Badge: Digital Natives

When you were young, you might not have had a computer, a television or even a radio. Today’s youth were born into technology and it infuses every moment of their lives. Because of this, you may find that you are lost when talking to them or have difficulty connecting with them. They are digital natives. […]

Badge: My Music

Badge: My Music

Whether you like making music or just listening, sharing your music with others not only gives them new experiences but allows you to enjoy your own music even more.     Steps   1. Party. Have a party for a small group featuring your music. Your party might be a small dinner party with a […]

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