Badge: Halloween Traditions


While the “Halloween” badge explored the history of this holiday, this badge goes into the traditions that are still found today . . . including your own.     Steps Explore your community 1. Yard decorations. Take a stroll and see what your neighbors have in their yards. If local businesses or community centers also […]

Badge: Halloween / All Hallows Eve


Halloween, as we celebrate it today, is a combination of traditions, beliefs and evolution from a multitude of cultures. Let’s explore how a diverse variety of people created our present holiday.     Steps   1. Truth or not. As you explore the history of Halloween, you will encounter differing viewpoints on the traditions of […]

Badges and More — Coming Soon

I have been focused on the Halloween badge set. I had originally thought I might have three or four badges for the set. At this time, there are 10. Four of the badges have supplements, I have two completely done and I’m working on finishing the last of the pieces for the others. I will […]

Badge: Advice for the Future


Sound advice at one time was to go to school, get a good education, find and work for the same company until retirement. That was the industrial revolution way. As we move out of it and into the connection revolution, the advice we need to give our kids has changed.     Steps   1. […]

Badge: Recruitment Basics


When individuals and organizations need help, they recruit for the services needed. For non-profits, this often means volunteers.   Steps   1. What do you need? Before you start recruiting, be sure you know what position needs to be filled or services that need to be done. Create a list of positions and / or […]