Badge: Seuss Stories


We’ll take a page out of one of Dr. Seuss’ many works and create our own stories!       Steps   1. Seuss stories. Before creating your own stories with Seuss flair, be sure you read some of his. Look through the Enrichment Project supplement “Seuss World” (SUPP_Seuss_World.pdf). If you haven’t read them for […]

Grab ‘N’ Go: Camp in a Bag SWAP


Put everything you think is special about camp in a single bag . . . except for one thing. Don’t add water!   Tools: Scissors or paper cutter Materials: Jewelry zip top bag, 2″ x 3″ Bag insert, attached Ground debris including twigs, rocks, dirt, etc. Safety pin   Steps: Insert — Print the insert. Cut it […]

Badge: Seuss Art


Create or inspire others to create art based on Dr. Seuss.     Steps   1. Get inspired. Look through the Seuss books or online to start your inspirational journey. Make notes on the colors, design elements and more that you can incorporate into your art / craft projects. Bookmark any sites you want to […]

Grab ‘N’ Go: Camp Fire SWAP


What says “camp” more than a campfire? This SWAP has no possibility of burning fingers.   Tools: Wire cutters Materials: Sticks, 3-4″ long Pipe cleaners, 6″ Orange, red and yellow Safety pin   Steps: Gather sticks — From fallen branches, gather a small bundle of sticks. Fire — Fold pipe cleaners in half and place sticks in the […]

Badge: Seuss on the Loose


It is rare for someone not to know about Dr. Seuss or read one of his books. We’ll learn more about the man and his works.     Steps   1. Theodor Seuss Geisel. The man who would become known as Dr. Seuss was Theodor Geisel. He was an author and illustrator. Find out more […]

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