Badge: Christmas Service


Christmas is traditionally the “season of giving.” There are many ways to give to others. While donations via the Salvation Army or other non-profit organizations are big this time of year, we want to focus on service we can give instead of money.     Steps   1. Collections. From the Salvation Army collecting donations […]

Badge: Christmas Traditions


Traditions come from families, culture, communities and more. We’ll explore the traditions in the United States of this popular holiday.     Steps   1. History. Christmas is a religious holiday which has evolved over two millennia and incorporated not only Christian traditions, but pagan and others as well. Find out about the history of […]

Badge: School Service


During the school year, there are many opportunities for service. When an entire school is behind you, the service you can provide can be larger and more involved. NOTE: “School” can be a public, private, charter or even Sunday school environment.     Steps 1. Communicate the need. To get the entire school behind your […]

Fan Fiction Update

Happy Thanksgiving! I just finished posting my first piece of fan fiction for “Ghost Hunt” (anime). I’ll be posting a one-shot for the same anime later today. If you want to check out my fan fiction, my page is here . . . My stories include Babylon 5 (3), Fruits Basket (1), Ghost Hunt […]

Badge: Thanksgiving Traditions


Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks . . . especially for your family and friends.      Steps 1. Thanksgiving traditions and history. Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. It started in 1621. Learn the truth about the colonists being saved by the Wampanoag. Compare the first “Thanksgiving” to the holiday […]

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