Grab ‘N’ Go: Breast Cancer SWAP


Use the “think pink” theme and make a simple SWAP with pipe cleaners and pony beads.   Tools: Wire cutters   Materials: Pony beads, pink Pony beads, white Pipe cleaner / chenille stem, 1/2 Safety pin   Steps:   Bend pipe cleaner — Bend pipe cleaner as shown in the image above. Pony beads — Add pink […]

Grab ‘N’ Go: Blow Dryer SWAP


We all love our electronics. This SWAP is a cute way to look at a convenience in a camp way.   Tools: Scissors or paper cutter Materials: Jewelry zip top bag, 2″ x 3″ Bag insert, attached Balloon Safety pin   Steps:   Insert — Print the insert. Cut it down as indicated. Place one insert into […]

Badge: Explore WAGGGS


The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) is the largest voluntary organization for girls and women worldwide.     Steps 1. WAGGGS. WAGGGS stands for the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. In the United States, we are known as Girl Scouts, but most of the world are Girl Guides. […]

Badge: World Thinking Day


World Thinking Day is an annual day of celebration for Girl Scouts and Girl Guides. Some boy-associated organizations also celebrate it. It takes place on February 22. Girls are encouraged to learn about other cultures, issues shared by women and global impact of the organization.     Steps   1. February 22. The day celebrates […]

Grab ‘N’ Go: Blanket SWAP


Who doesn’t love a colorful blanket? This very simple SWAP can be made anytime.     Tools: Scissors Materials: Fleece, square Blue tape, if desired Safety pin   Steps: Square — From a piece of fleece, cut a small square. Fringe — Cut about 1/4″ around the edges of the square to create a fringe. To keep […]

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