Grab ‘N’ Go: Crayon Scratch Art


Control the colors by starting with a completely colored sheet. Then, cover with black and scratch the black off to reveal the color below.  The contrast of black on color is a great look that stands alone or can be incorporated into other items like cards.     Tools: Paintbrush Bamboo skewer, toothpick, etc. Materials: Paper Crayons Poster paint, […]

Grab ‘N’ Go: Mummy Wrap Relay


Though we tend to do this at Halloween, any costume or “horror” themed party can use this game.       Area: Medium   Materials: 1 roll of toilet paper per team OR 1 roll of toilet paper per person   Rules: Teams —  Break your group into teams. Ask one person from each team to volunteer […]

Grab ‘N’ Go: Human Knot


This cooperative activity is a great icebreaker as well as a general activity to fill in some time at the end of a meeting / event.     Area: Small Materials: N/A   Steps: Circle — The participants need to stand in a circle. For this activity, you need at least five. Hands — All participants put their hands into the center […]

Grab ‘N’ Go: Salt Dough


Salt dough is a wonderful recipe that gives your kids a great way to make ornaments and more!     Tools: Bowl and spoon Drinking straw Oven Cookie cutters Cookie sheet Materials: Flour, 4 cups Salt, 1 cup Water, 1-1/2 cups Zip top bag   Steps: Preheat oven — Preheat to 275-300°F (135-150°C). Mix — Mix dry ingredients. Gradually add water, […]

Grab ‘N’ Go: Line Packman


All you need is an area with marked out lines. You can make your own with blue tape on a flat surface or chalk powder in a grassy area.     Area: Gym floor, basketball court, etc. (any play area with lines) Materials: N/A   Rules: Packman — Choose one person to be packman. Play — All players walk along the […]