Badge: Women’s Equality Day


While the claim is that women are treated equally, worldwide we are still treated as second class citizens. Let’s explore how equal women truly are.   Steps Rights in the United States 1. Women’s Equality Day. This holiday commemorates the heroes of the longest civil rights fight in United States history, a woman’s right to […]

Badge: Handmade Stamps


You can make a handmade (physical) stamp to use as a rubber stamp with a variety of materials. Their usage completely depends on the materials from which they are made.   Steps Considerations  1. Ink and paint. Depending on the porous nature of your stamps, some may require paint or ink to be effective. Both […]

Badge: Letterbox Planting


After exploring letterboxing, you may find that you want to create your own letterbox.    Steps The letterbox 1. Create your own letterbox. You’ll need a water-sealed box for your letterbox. It can be as simple as a disposable container you get at the grocery store. Inside the letterbox, you’ll need the following: Stamp for […]

Badge: Letterboxing Next Steps


“Letterbox Basics” gave you the basics, making the sport as easy as possible. This badge program expands on the basics so you can explore this in even more depth. There are more cool things than listed here, so don’t let this badge program be your last step.   Steps 1. Brief history. In the United […]

Badge: Letterboxing Basics


Letterboxing incorporates the fun of a treasure hunt with art and orienteering. The clues to find a letterbox can be straightforward or a fun challenge. This badge gives you the basics to get you started. If you enjoy this activity, check out “Letterbox Next Steps” to learn even more!   Steps 1. Treasure hunt. The […]