Grab ‘N’ Go: Tape Sit-Upon SWAP

SWAP_TapeSU_lrlFor little fingers, this might be the easiest sit-upon SWAP yet.



  • Scissors
  • Sharpie or other permanent marker


  • Duct tape, decorative
  • Fun foam square
  • Safety pin



Fun foam — Find or cut out a fun foam square that is not as wide as the tape you’re using.

Add tape — Center foam on tape and press. Put a second piece of tape on top. Alternatively, you could fold the tape over the foam square. Be sure all edges are completely sealed. Trim tape edges about a quarter to half inch from the edge of the square.

Faux stitch — Using the marker, make lines so it looks like stitching around the edges.

Add pin — Put safety pin through edge where it is two thicknesses of tape.


To download a PDF of this Grab ‘N’ Go sheet, click here: GnG_Tape SitUpon SWAP_lrl

Badge: Go Make Something

Go Make Something


MakeSomething_04URLGo Make Something is a site that provides information, printables and more for aspiring artists.




1. Ten Two Studios / Lisa Vollrath.

Lisa’s shop is Ten Two Studios. She provides as a place for free learning, printables and more. Learn about Lisa and her shop.

2. Go Make Something.

Lisa wants you to be creative and go make something. She started this as a place to put the items she’d written about altered art and paper crafts. She ran it from 2004 to 2012. Check out the FAQ to learn more.

NOTE: Lisa might be a little abrupt, but she is a truly giving and helpful soul.

3. Patreon campaign.

In 2014, Lisa started a Patreon campaign to help offset the cost of the site. After all, giving stuff away free and then paying for the site as well as working on it means she’s paying for others to get her free stuff. Learn about what a Patreon campaign is.

4. Basics.

Click on the “Basics” tab. You’ll find information on altered books, themes, glue types, etc. There are also a listing of “how to” lessons. Watch one or two lessons. Are these things you might be able to learn and share with others?

5. Printables.

From ephemera to artist trading cards to faux postage (and about everything in between), Lisa offers it to you. Look through her files. Is there anything you might be interested in using for your own project? If so, download a copy and put any notes you have with it.

6. Swap.

Looking to swap the items you make? Check out Lisa’s article for the basics.

7. It’s not yours.

While Lisa offers printables and instructions for free, they are not yours to sell and / or distribute “as is”. She does allow you to use her information and materials to make your own creations. If you use her items, be sure to mention where you got the images you use and perhaps even provide a link to her site as a way to thank her.

8. Do what it says.

You’ve explored the site. Now, do what it says . . . go make something!


Sites to Explore

See links in the steps above.


To download a PDF of this badge program, click here: EP_Go Make Something


Badge: Do Something

DoSomething_04URLDo Something is a great site that helps you start thinking about service and what you can do to help others. It is designed for teenagers and young adults. Explore the site and take notes as you do.





1. Do Something.

Do Something is one of the largest global organizations that is designed for young people to change their world. At about 3.5 million members, they tackle any challenge. Look through the site and learn about the site / organization.

2. Keep up with the latest.

Keep up with the happenings on Do Something by following their blog. Check out the site listed with this step to see what is happening!

3. Explore campaigns.

Explore the campaigns on the site. Find one or more that you might suggest to young adults.

4. Share my campaign.

Check out the submission rules about submitting your own campaign.

5. Clubs.

Do Something no longer runs clubs. Some people felt that having clubs gave the perception that they were exclusive. How can you share the projects and information on the site without starting a specific “Do Something Club”?

6. Scholarships.

Scholarships are available to people 25 or younger in the US or Canada. All you need to do is complete a campaign and prove it by showing  yourself in action. Check out more information on scholarships in the FAQ.

7. Internships.

High school and college students can get an internship with Do Something. Check out the requirements.

8. Volunteer.

Want to volunteer? You can do so either in person (New York City) or remotely. You need to be 18 or older. Learn more about volunteering with this organization.



Sites to Explore

See links in the steps above.


To download a PDF of this badge program, click here: EP_Do Something