About Me

lrl_lookupThe world is a huge place. It seems to be getting smaller because we can communicate quickly with one another. The vast amount of knowledge is rich and overwhelming. You have access to so much that you feel like you’re drowning.


If you’re bored, it’s your own fault.

Diversions abound. Even the smallest niche can have many followers.

I can only hope to share the things I am passionate about. I would like you to join me on an adventure of your own choosing. As I share the things I’ve learned, you can choose to experience them as well.

However, your own experience will be unique to you. That’s the beautiful thing about life. Each of our adventures changes us, creating a life that is truly ours.

So you can try a badge program or share it with others. You can try a simple craft or activity. Perhaps even read an ebook I’ve written

At the end, I’m glad we got to share part of our adventures together.