Grab ‘N’ Go: Paper Bag Puppets

Grab 'N' Go: Paper Bag PuppetsIt’s easy to put on a play with paper bag puppets.

You can use printables to attach to the bag or use your own designs to create a unique puppet.



  • Crayons, markers, etc.
  • Scissors


  • Paper lunch bags
  • Pre-printed puppet pieces
  • Glue
  • Yarn
  • Other craft scraps


Printables — If you plan on using printables, make sure they are ready to go. Cut apart, decorate and glue to the bag.

NOTE: There are nine Girl Scout paper bag printables on Scribd under “Girl Scout Supplements.”

Design your own — Show how the bag moves so your participants know how to decorate it, i.e., the mouth goes where the bag folds. Use yarn for hair or use craft scraps to decorate.


To download a PDF version of this sheet, click here > GnG_PBPuppets_lrl

Grab ‘N’ Go: Mosaic of a Girl Scout

Girl SilhouetteWhat makes up a Girl Scout?

Use the sticky notes and write down characteristics that all Girl Scouts have such as honesty and courage.

With the help of others, can you cover the entire girl, creating a mosaic of an ideal Girl Scout?

Don’t have Girl Scouts? Use this for an ideal of anyone.


To do this activity at your own event or meeting, provide a paper doll, printed silhouette or other item to represent the ideal Girl Scout. Do not use real photos. You can make this the size of a sheet of paper or even get a donated life-size paper representation.
Before the event, collect your materials:

  • Girl representative
  • Sticky notes
  • Pens or pencils

Let your participants brainstorm and cover the entire girl image.

Alternately, take a photo of the completed mosaic or collect the notes and share the ideals with your group.


To download a PDF of this Grab ‘N’ Go sheet, click here: GnG_GSMOS_lrl
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Grab ‘N’ Go: Word SWAP

Word SWAPPick a word that means something to you. Now, let’s make a SWAP to represent you!



  • Scissors


  • Cording
  • Glue
  • Letter beads
  • Mini pony beads



Select beads – Pick the beads you need to spell your word. Then four to six mini pony beads.

Cut cording – Cut a piece of cording 6″ long.

String beads – Lay your beads out like you’re going to string them. Start with 2-3 mini pony beads, then your word and last 2-3 mini pony beads. When you’re happy with the layout, put them on the cording.

Finish – Knot the ends together so you create a circle. Add a bit of glue to keep the knot secure. Add a safety pin.


To download a PDF of this Grab ‘N’ Go sheet, click here: GnG_WordSWAP_lrl
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Grab ‘N’ Go: Marshmallow SWAP

Marshmallow SWAPThis simple SWAP will help you remember your time at camp, enjoying the fire and making s’mores.



  • Hole punch


  • White fun foam
  • Hairpin
  • Craft glue
  • Safety pin



Twist pin – Twist the ends of the hairpin so it looks like a roasting fork.

Punch marshmallows – Punch two “marshmallows” out of the foam.

Assemble – Add a bit of glue between the two marshmallows and push the hairpin into the marshmallow. Allow to dry.

NOTE: Some hair pins have rounded ends. To make assembly easier, you can clip off the rounded ends with cutting pliers.

Safety pin – Add a safety pin.


To download a PDF of this Grab ‘N’ Go sheet, click here: GnG_MarshmallowSWAP_lrl
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