Badge: Christmas Activities


You’ll notice that often the activities that surround Christmas occur every year. Let’s examine different activities and possibly find a few you can use or adapt for your own fun.     Steps   1. Caroling. Caroling can be done in one location, such as a shopping center or nursing home, or by people moving […]

Badge: Night Games


Activities take too much thought. Hikes are too organized. So, let’s just play and have fun under the night sky.     Steps   1. Puzzles. Create your own paper puzzle or game with night as the theme. This might include crosswords, find-a-words, fill-it-ins, cootie catchers and more. If you don’t want to create your own, do […]

Badge: Roleplaying Game Basics

Badge: Roleplaying Game Basics

Roleplaying games allow you to create your own character and an entire imaginary world where you can be a magic user, a spy, a detective or even a super hero. Some games are “hack and slash” where you save the day by disposing of slews of monsters. Some are solving problems and coming to a […]

Badge: Carnival Games

Badge: Carnival Games

Games of chance and skill are mixed together at a carnival. It’s so enjoyable, many organizations and groups use carnivals as a fundraising event. It can also be used to get new people interacting within your organization or group. If you’re thinking of doing so, you need an idea of what you might want to […]

Grab ‘N’ Go: Find in a Bottle Activity

GnG: Find in Rice

This is different than the previous post as this is the activity sheet and the previous one was the crafting sheet.   List the items you’ve hidden in the bottle. For larger groups, you may want to make multiple bottles with the same items in them. Alternately, you can have your participants make their own bottles.     […]

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