Badge: Ghoul Scouts


The company where I work used to have costume contests for Halloween, both for individuals and departments. One year, the marketing department became the “ghoul scouts.” Looking for some fun this Halloween? You might want to try some of these out. P.S. Our department did win first place with our “ghoul scouts” theme.     […]

Badge: Halloween Haunted


Where would you like to be haunted? Many organizations take advantage of this holiday to help give scares and shivers. So, whether you plan to go out and be scared by others or start your own venue for fun, we’ll explore events you can host. This badge program is for creating an event that lasts […]

Badge: Halloween Party


Let’s have a party — Halloween-style. From a themed party to a fun get together, Halloween is the time to cut loose.     Steps   Party types 1. Classroom parties. Classroom parties aren’t as much fun as they used to be. I remember going to school in costume and wearing it all day long. […]

Badge: Halloween Recipes


Perhaps you feel like cooking something up . . . a treat, a potion or other cool brew. From recreating pre-made items to making it yourself, there is a lot of fun to be had on Halloween. NOTE: Most of the foods are treats for this badge program.     Steps   Drinks 1. Apple […]

Badge: Halloween Games


Explore vintage Halloween games and some new ones.     Steps   1. Vintage games — 1912. Check out the supplement SUPP_Vintage Halloween Games.pdf for vintage games from 1912 before Halloween became popular for the kids. Try one or more of the games. Adapt if necessary. 2. Today’s games. Review the supplement SUPP_Today Halloween Games.pdf […]