Badge: Handmade Stamps


You can make a handmade (physical) stamp to use as a rubber stamp with a variety of materials. Their usage completely depends on the materials from which they are made.   Steps Considerations  1. Ink and paint. Depending on the porous nature of your stamps, some may require paint or ink to be effective. Both […]

Badge: Independence Day Traditions


As we celebrate this holiday, traditions are built. Explore traditions and create your own.   Steps 1. History. July 4th is the day the United States celebrates its independence (becoming a free country). This federal holiday commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. The US declared their freedom from Great […]

Badge: Independence Day Activities


On July 4th, Independence Day is celebrated in the United States. Let’s explore this holiday and the fun we can have.   Steps 1. Incorporate patriotic holidays. Looking for flag-based ideas for July 4th? See the Adult Enrichment Project badge program “Flag Day.” Want to focus on your freedom? See the AEP badge program “Memorial […]

Badge: Night Hikes


Taking a hike at night introduces an entire new world of wonder. As our vision decreases, our other senses start working overtime to collect information. Let’s take a hike and explore this cool world.   Steps 1. Lead. Collect tips to help make your night hike a success. Be sure to implement them. Here are […]

Badge: Valentine Crafts


Crafts are a big part of Valentine’s Day. From cards to gifts to decorations, you can create many things to celebrate the holiday.     Steps Basics 1. Hearts. Hearts are the most used shape for this holiday. As you work through this badge program, keep a list of the crafts you’d like to do […]