Badge: Seuss Art


Create or inspire others to create art based on Dr. Seuss.     Steps   1. Get inspired. Look through the Seuss books or online to start your inspirational journey. Make notes on the colors, design elements and more that you can incorporate into your art / craft projects. Bookmark any sites you want to […]

Badge: Explore WAGGGS


The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) is the largest voluntary organization for girls and women worldwide.     Steps 1. WAGGGS. WAGGGS stands for the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. In the United States, we are known as Girl Scouts, but most of the world are Girl Guides. […]

Badge: World Thinking Day


World Thinking Day is an annual day of celebration for Girl Scouts and Girl Guides. Some boy-associated organizations also celebrate it. It takes place on February 22. Girls are encouraged to learn about other cultures, issues shared by women and global impact of the organization.     Steps   1. February 22. The day celebrates […]

Badge: Digital Activity Box


When you think of an activity box, your mind automatically goes to a box with materials to learn or explore a subject. So how can this be done digitally?     Steps   1. Why digital “activity boxes”? The world is going digital. Taking your activity boxes to a digital level means you can have […]

Badge: Activity Box


An activity box contains the materials and tools to complete one or more activities. These activities can be centered around earning a badge, workshop, themed event or even where it will be used. Let’s examine activity boxes.     Steps   1. Standards. Creating an activity box may have a fixed set of criteria or […]

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