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TellStory_URLFind your voice to add personal stories to your storytelling repertoire. In addition, you may find that storytelling doesn’t completely convey your story. You can add props in the form of drawings, dance, puppets or more to add another layer to your oral presentation.

NOTE: To create a legacy for future generations with your stories, see the Enrichment Project “Build My Legacy” badge program.




1. Why tell a story?
Stories can be used to inform, teach, entertain or just to keep a story alive. As you look through different ways to tell your own story, decide what your story ultimately does. If it doesn’t do as you’d like, think of ways you can add/remove things from your story to reach your desired outcome. For example, if you’re looking to entertain, you may want to embellish some of the funnier parts of your story or use exaggerated movements to get a chuckle from your audience.

2. All in the family.
Family stories are often entertaining because we can relate to the stories through our own family members. List stories you’ve been told. Which would you like to retell?

3. It’s my life.
Each person’s life is unique. Your experiences and choices have created stories only you can tell. Collect stories that you can share.

4. Journals and scrapbooks.
Review journals or scrapbooks you have for additional stories you might have forgotten. Add these to your list of personal stories.

5. Explore other possibilities.
Explore beyond your personal life. Ask friends for their stories, find community tales or research cultural stories. Add your own voice to these stories. You may also find public domain works that you can incorporate.
Crafting your stories

6. Are you a comedian?
Some people find it easier to tell a funny story. Some never seem to get it right. Explore ways to bring humor into your stories. Is this something you’d like to include?

7. Non-fiction?
You do not have to admit a story is based your own life / experiences. You can embellish and change it from a non-fiction story to fiction. You can add elements that give it a genre flavor. Look through your stories and brainstorm adjustments to a true story that would change it to fiction.

8. Change your point of view.
Why tell the story from your point of view? Use an animal or inanimate object and tell it from another point of view. You can tell the story as it happened or pull the kernel of truth / moral you want from the story and make it “audience friendly.”

9. Single or series.
Your story may be single and self-contained. You may also find upon telling it that you want to make it part of a series. If you plan to create a series, keep notes so the flow of your stories are seamless and consistent. You might also want to record your stories and transcribe them for even more detail.
Share your story

10. Telling your story — orally.
Review the variety of ways you can tell your stories orally. Choose at least two and try them out. Do not feel limited by this list.

  • Oral live presentation
  • Oral recording
  • StoryCorps
  • Puppet show
  • Mask show
  • Skits

11. Telling your story — artistically.
You don’t have to tell your story with words alone. Try at least one of these to embellish your oral story.

  • Art journal
  • Mixed media crafts
  • Animated shorts
  • Drawing / painting
  • Dance / performance

12. Telling your story — written.
Writing your story allows it to last longer. You will have a place to go back when you can’t remember the particulars of your story. While you’re exploring the written word, explore the possibility of using written materials as part of your oral story as well.

  • Traditional publishing
  • Digital publishing
  • Cartoons
  • Word props
  • Blogging
  • Scrapbooks

13. Archive.
After all this work, you don’t want to lose your stories. Find a way to archive your stories.

14. Ask for feedback.
If possible, get feedback from your audience. Find ways to improve your performance, art or written works.


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To download a PDF of this badge program, click here: EP_Tell My Story

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