Are you a writer?

If you are interested in writing, I suggest checking out Brian Clark’s latest endeavor — Entreproducer. Here’s a link to the first post! Traditional publishing is no longer the way to go! Look at taking your writing and becoming a publisher of your own work. NOTE: Brian is mentioned in one of our upcoming […]

Divine Idea

If imitation is suicide, I’m overcoming this tendency with the Adult Enrichment Project. I’m opening opportunity for leaders and adults who want to learn in their own time in their own way. I’m showing them to embrace the new and share it with the kids they work with. Are you up for the challenge?

Your Personal Message

No matter who you are, where you live or what you do, you are an influence on others. In every action you take and everything you say, you choose whether to be authentic. Those around you choose to be like you or the opposite of what you are. Be a positive rolemodel. Be true. Be […]

Five Years

What would I tell myself five years ago? Get to a therapist. You have to deal with the loss and take care of your kids. Take charge!   What would I tell myself in five years? Why didn’t you take charge of your life sooner? You knew what you wanted. Why did you let yourself […]

Come Alive

I’m passionate about helping people, sharing my ideas and knowledge through unusual means. I plan on continuing doing this well past “retirement” age. Eventually, the Adult Enrichment Project (AEP) will become a vast group of knowledge accessible to anyone willing to better themselves. Learning things that bring fun into your life. Sharing the knowledge with […]