Badge: DNR – Flying WILD


Flying WILD deals with migratory birds – conservation and environmental awareness. Flying WILD is a part of Project WILD.     Steps   1. Flying WILD. Flying WILD has over 40 activities focused on birds. They explore conservation and environmental issues through contests, quizzes and hands-on projects. Review the table of contents to see […]

Badge: Enrichment Project Innovator


An Enrichment Project (EP) innovator either creates or substantially contributes to a badge program. Badges for this program are the badge program that was worked on with a blue background. The steps for this badge can also be used to review badges to make sure they fit into the EP and are comparable to other […]

Badge: Explore “How to” Sites


“How to” sites are very popular on the Web. This badge will help you explore and find “how to” sites that you like to give you resources for your badge fun. NOTE: The Enrichment Project will utilize many of the “how to” sites to keep the cost of earning badges low (and hopefully always free). […]

Badge: Cooperative Games


Cooperative games allow your group to work together. These types of games are inclusive. They emphasize participation and challenge rather than defeating another person or team. There is no “winner” or “loser”. You can focus on fun!     Steps   1. Explore group dynamics. While cooperative games are inclusive, some steps may be difficult […]

Badge: Explore Crafts

Badge: Explore Crafts

Crafts can be a hobby or a way to earn extra cash. Let’s explore a variety of crafts to enrich your life, share with others and to just have fun.     Steps   1. Look at crafts. See a starting list of possible crafts in the supplement SUPP_Craft Possibilities. Choose one you’d like to […]

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