Badge: Recruitment Basics


When individuals and organizations need help, they recruit for the services needed. For non-profits, this often means volunteers.   Steps   1. What do you need? Before you start recruiting, be sure you know what position needs to be filled or services that need to be done. Create a list of positions and / or […]

Disservice to Our Kids

I’ve been listening to my high school daughter telling me about the kids in her classes who are not doing the work. Not passing the class. And even worse, not caring about it.   She asked me, “What are they going to do after school?”   My thought is “How have we gotten here”?   […]

Badge: DNR – Project Learning Tree


Project Learning Tree (PLT) is an environmental education program for kids from preschool through grade 12. It is from the American Forest Foundation.     Steps   1. Project Learning Tree (PLT). Project Learning Tree is designed to get kids outside. The purpose is to teach kids HOW to think about the environment. Explore […]

Badge: DNR – Flying WILD


Flying WILD deals with migratory birds – conservation and environmental awareness. Flying WILD is a part of Project WILD.     Steps   1. Flying WILD. Flying WILD has over 40 activities focused on birds. They explore conservation and environmental issues through contests, quizzes and hands-on projects. Review the table of contents to see […]

Badge: DNR – Project WILD


Project WILD deals with conservation and environmental science through wildlife. It is designed for kids from Kindergarten through 12th grade.     Steps   1. Project WILD. Project WILD deals with wildlife and habitats. Review the table of contents and other information available on the Web. 2. Project WILD Aquatic. Project WILD Aquatic […]

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