Badge: April Fool’s Day


The first of April is not for fools’ but for fun. Just watch how many tricks you pull, they may come back to haunt you.     Steps   1. Not a holiday? April Fool’s Day is not a national holiday but is recognized and celebrated in a variety of countries. Jokes, hoaxes and pranks […]

Badge: St. Patrick’s Day


We celebrate all things Irish with this fun holiday.   Steps   1. History. While St. Patrick’s day is a Christian holiday, historians believe Maewyn Succat (born 387 AD) was not originally a Christian. The story goes that he was kidnapped from Great Britain and forced into slavery in Ireland. Saint Patrick’s Day is observed […]

Badge: Kid Recipes for Fun


Let’s mix up some stuff in the kitchen to for crafting instead of just eating it. Note that some of these recipes may not work as well as you expect, so be sure to test before sharing any recipes with the kids.   Steps 1. Keep track. As you experiment with the different types of […]

Badge: Valentine Crafts


Crafts are a big part of Valentine’s Day. From cards to gifts to decorations, you can create many things to celebrate the holiday.     Steps Basics 1. Hearts. Hearts are the most used shape for this holiday. As you work through this badge program, keep a list of the crafts you’d like to do […]

Badge: Valentine’s Day


Celebrating love, Valentine’s Day is a holiday most people can’t wait to arrive. Let’s look at this special holiday.   Steps 1. Learn about the holiday. Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day is observed on February 14 every year. Explore the facts and fiction of this holiday. 2. Around the world. This holiday is celebrated […]