Enrichment Project

AEP_BadgeYou are invited to join me on a journey to discover yourself.

No boundaries, no rules — only guides to show you where to place your feet to take that first step.

This journey will challenge you to learn about the world around you . . . and more importantly yourself.

So leave your preconceptions. Embrace the new. Prepare to become more than you thought possible.


What is the Enrichment Project?

Originally began as supplemental training for Girl Scout volunteers, the EP is designed to work like badge programs for adults. You choose which step(s) you wish to do and learn about the subject of the badge program.

When you’re done, simply email me with your name, email address, badge name and the number of hours you put into the badge program.

You will receive a graphic for crafting your own badge, a web button and a printable PDF certificate. There are various levels of knowledge as shown by the edge / background color of the badge.

  • Tan — 3-10 hours
  • Bronze — 11-25 hours
  • Silver — 26-39 hours
  • Gold — 40+ hours

You can take the knowledge you acquire back to a group you work with, such as the Girl Scouts, or just have fun exploring the world.

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